Alex Corkin

Alex Corkin Solution Architect at Livestock Improvement Corporation - NZ

Pronouns: He/Him.

Every day I wake up in the morning with the drive to help people be the best version of themselves they can be.

I feel this because I believe that every human should have the opportunity to grow and improve, and through that, live a happy and fulfilling life.

I do this by partnering, mentoring and coaching first, and by creating delightful, inclusive software second.

Right now I guide teams as a solution architect. Previously I've done product management. Maybe in the future, I'll be doing something totally different!

Talk: The Role of a Software Developer

What if the role of the software developer is not actually about writing software?

What if the most important thing I can do today isn't writing a sweet recursive function that delights and confuses the next human that reads it in equal measure?

As our industry has matured, the roles of technical staff in an organisation have changed. Technical folk are slowly being dragged out of the back office and put in front of customers. Some people like this. Some don't.

Let's have a brief chat about the opportunities and the costs of this happening, and what that might mean for your progression through the industry, and through your life.