Workshops / March 18th

Andrew Watkins

Andrew Watkins Product Technical Lead at - NZ

Andrew has been coding for 40 years and has expertise in software development, product management, systems design and team leadership across a range of industries including science, technology, engineering, health, automotive, transport, mobile phone, and travel.

From 2009 - 2017 Andrew ran the Software development group at NIWA focussed on creating products and applications for climate, water, biodiversity and data science. I have run my own company and led a start-up mobile phone company software team through a high growth period. I have created and developed multiple agile cross functional teams, managed DevOps processes and modernised IT platforms including migration to cloud services.

Workshop: Voluntarily - A full stack, MERN/Next, Open Source, NFP, volunteering platform.

Putting it all together. People learning modern web programming have access to thousands of tutorials, examples and libraries. But there are fewer complete applications available for inspection and contribution. The platform is not only Open Source but is intentionally run as a learning environment for developers. Designing a system that can be build and maintained by part timers with a wide range of skills is an interesting challenge.

The software stack demonstrates usage of Mongo, Node, Express and React. AntD visual components, AVA/Enzyme unit testing. GitHub usage, CI tools, Docker, AWS deployment.

The tutorial will walk through the underlying concepts of the platform and the implementation. It is suitable for people interested in contributing to the platform or any beginner wanting to see how all the parts fit together.