Hackle Wayne

Hackle Wayne Development Chapter Lead at Trade Me - NZ

Experienced imperative programmer turned functional advocate.

After over a decade in programming various software, Hackle only in recent years found new light in languages such as F#, Haskell and Idris. He had since then been advocating for functional-style programming while at the same time trying to bring functional concepts to the imperative world in ways that are pragmatic, idiomatic and accessible.

Talk: Build you a Lens in TypeScript

Lenses is the answer to programming for immutability in some functional languages. Don't be put off by the cryptic name! it's actually pretty reasonable and sweet.

I will tell you what Lens is, why it is useful, and most importantly, show you how to build a lens from scratch in TypeScript. We'll see how TypeScript's interesting type system makes this possible, and even delightful.

You'll get a few (maybe exotic) ideas about programming functionally, a workable understanding of Lenses and how to use it for fun and for profit.