Melissa Houghton

Melissa Houghton Senior Developer at Telstra Purple - Australia

Melissa Houghton is a Senior Developer at Telstra Purple and was previously with Bankwest. Her work is focused on application development using Angular and .Net Core but she has a wide variety of skills and is always open to learning new things. She has a passion for technology, learning and giving back to the community. She frequents tech events and is an organiser for DDD Melbourne, past organiser of DDD Perth and other NFP organisations such as CoderDojo and Rotary Youth Leadership Camps. Originally from California, now living in Melbourne, Australia, after 5 years in Perth, Melissa loves to travel, drink wine and learn.

Talk: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Angular Material

Are you an Angular developer? Do you want to make beautiful, consistent angular apps? Don't reinvent the wheel! Use Angular Material - Angular's UI component library based on Google's Material Design. Made by Angular for Angular.

Angular Material is fast and easy to use, and will instantly give your app that professional polished look! Taking care of the design heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on functionality.

What is Angular Material? How do you use it? What does it give you out of the box? How can you customise it to match your style and brand?

What are the downfalls, gotchas and things to keep in mind?

Is Angular Material right for you?

Come find out the answers to all these questions and more!

Talk (Pre-Conference): Battles of an Imposter

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Like you did not deserve the opportunities in front of you?

Have you ever thought “why me, I should not be here”?

Alternatively, have you seen a talented colleague not recognising their own achievements? A colleague hesitant to take on a new role?

This is imposter syndrome; I encounter it constantly and fight against it in myself and others. I want you to unite with me in this battle; for yourself, your colleagues and friends.

Join me as I share my experiences with imposter syndrome, how I have fought against it and how you can join the fight.