Nigel Sampson

Nigel Sampson Software Developer at Pushpay - NZ

Nigel Sampson has been a developer since 2003, building everything from cloud based web applications, microservices and native mobile apps. Currently based at Pushpay, a payments and engagement company in Auckland, New Zealand he across both monoliths and microservices and the interactions in between.

He's an active open source participant maintaining and contributing to a number of projects and blogs at about anything he's currently learning.

Talk: An Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is a new open source specification for querying data from an API. It represents a client focussed approach compared to traditional methods like REST. What are it's strengths and weaknesses? When should you consider adopting GraphQL and what does an implementation look like?

In this talk we'll start with an introduction to the principals of GraphQL and some of it's unique features especially focussing on the BFF (or backend for frontend strategy). We'll then discuss longer term concerns such as operability and maintainability comparing and contrasting to REST.