Vanessa Thornton

Vanessa Thornton Tech lead at Xero - NZ

I'm a Senior Developer working for Xero, who as a passion for all things development. I'm an avid conference speaker and love sharing my insights and experiences with other people, in the hope they can take something away from my talks.

I have recently switched teams, which means a technology stack change. I currently work in full-stack Typescript building out front end web applications through to CLI applications.

In my spare time I volunteer for summer of tech and am interested in hobby level electronics projects.

Talk: Bye Bye C# hello Typescript

As a .NET developer my whole career thus far, a change in team resulted in a change in technology. Find out about my journey from c# to typescript including the good, the bad, and ugly.

This talk include coding tips and tricks to help you migrate over with ease, so you do't make the same mistakes I did.

This talk is structured a little bit different as it is more a opinion/journey piece, sharing my personal experience of what it is like to learn something from scratch as a senior developer.