Will Velida

Will Velida Software Engineer at ASB Bank - NZ

I'm a Software Engineer at ASB Bank working within the Payments Platform. I spend my time trying to build awesome things using .NET and Azure! Outside of work, I love attending and speaking at technical conference across the globe and I enjoy hiking and kayaking around New Zealand when I get the chance.

Talk: Full Stack Data Engineering. Hype or Fact?

A Full Stack Data Engineering is an idea that due to the increased attention (or hype) around data science and data engineering, software engineers should be able to seamlessly perform any task right across the data stack, from understanding the business requirements like a Business Analyst to being able to code efficient data extracts from source systems like a Data Engineer.

In this talk, I will describe what a "full stack data engineer" role might look like, what skills they might have, how this contrasts with our idea of what a full stack software developer is and whether or not the idea of such a role is feasible, let alone anyone being successful in it. Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of what a full stack data engineer is and how such a position might apply to different types of business and engineering situations.